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#2153142 "Celine" The Revamped Show

Posted Tyler1991 on 27 August 2015 - 11:36 PM

Download link
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Enjoy everyone!

#2146575 Céline Dion - absolutely smashing YouTube!

Posted wjd on 11 June 2015 - 03:10 PM

According to YouTube Insights, Céline's videos have been viewed nearly 900m times on YouTube [871,185,393 exactly] since September 2014 ONLY! AMAZING.

Her top countries...

01 - Philippines - 89,600,046 total views
02 - United States - 68,619,372 total views
03 - Brazil - 64,521,293 total views
04 - France - 46,382,004 total views
05 - Mexico - 32,326,631 total views
06 - Indonesia - 29,561,632 total views
07 - United Kingdom - 27,026,516 total views
08 - Italy - 20,828,436 total views
09 - Canada - 20,515,238 total views

10 - Poland - 19,112,454 total views

She is nearly 200m views ahead of Mariah, nearly 300m views ahead of Whitney, more than 500m views ahead of Madonna and more than 825m views ahead of Janet Jackson.

No other artist of her generation is remotely close to her.

#2266983 Céline Dion Live 2017 (tour) - Official Topic

Posted LukeD on 04 August 2017 - 04:16 AM

Review - Part 1.

The First Time Ever I Saw Her Face :-D

Yesterday at around 1.30 pm, while I was sitting in the Hyatt Regency Hotel lobby discussing the possibility of seeing Celine in person, Celine passed by! :mellow: She was only a couple of meters away from where I was standing. I could not believe my eyes. She had her hair up, no make up, sun glasses, she was moving fast but quietly. She visited the bar for seconds to possibly leave what she was drinking there and then she vanished into another room, in which I believe there were elevators. I sat at the lobby until 3.30 pm waiting for her to leave the hotel for rehearsals. Pepe, whom I had met before at around 1.00 pm and is a lovely man, had told me they would be leaving at around 3.00 pm for rehearsals, so this is how I had the information.

So there she is at around 3.30 pm moving in the lobby, this time I manage to have a look at her face. Me, CelinesDIVO5 and FlyMeToTheMoon, who is a very cool and smart fan by the way, stood up from our seats as Celine was passing by and we started clapping. There were few other fans there clapping us well. Celine waved at us, smiled in a polite, calm way. She gave me the impression of a classy human being who had been through a lot of pain. I could see that in her smile! She then vanished into an another area where she would be prepared to leave the hotel. After a while she moved out of that room, surrounded by team members. As she was approaching us a fan told Celine that she had broken her leg to get tickets, which was apparently a lie; a lie that worked wonders as it resulted in Celine taking a selfie with her and then with everyone who asked her. I have a video of this moment which I will share later, when I learn how to share videos in the forum. :pinch:

Then I approached Celine to have a photo with her! She smelt so nice! :pinch: I noticed how thin she was, her upper body is very narrow! She is of the same height as I am! I wanted to give her a hug but my anxiety to take a nice photo took over! I took my phone out and she told me in the softest voice 'Up'! I laughed and held the phone higher! I turned the camera on but it was on zoom mode because of the video I had taken earlier. I said ''now THAT is close'' and she laughed! Celine Dion actually found what I said funny! And she laughed! :w00t:  We took this  lovely photo together in which I look as if I had a stroke. :giggle: Lovely moment! Unforgettable moment! :wub:

Celine then went outside to meet other fans, sign autographs and take photos with them! Amazing spirit! I think we should all realise and appreciate that taking photos with us, in which she has to smile, is a favour she is doing us! As I said before, she seems like frail person who has been through a lot.

I will share a review of the concert later.

#2059609 New English Album - "Loved Me Back To Life" (Pre-Release Thread Part 2)

Posted LuisMa on 13 October 2013 - 11:10 AM

I just realized that I had been counting the days left for the album reléase incorrectly. I was assigning a date to the pics I have for the avatar countdown, so in five hours, it will actually be 18 days left. I realized because I'm always posting at 12:00 AM, so I hadn't been taking into consideration the current day. Sorry about that.

However, I will leave this, which I intended to use when it would be 3 days left. But I think it's good now that the forum is a bit down because of the lack of news and the disappointments over the postponements and other things.

I had been working on this for quite some time now, and it includes people who have been posting in this amazing thread. I hope I didn't miss anyone, and if I did I apologize: you're an important part of the fórum as all who appear there, as well as those who haven't come back, and I can include you; just PM me.

So, this is a reminder of us, the fans. Though there may sometimes be divisions, we like many different aspects of Celine, there may be arguments sometimes, and we have different interests, there is a common thread that runs through each of us, and that's the main glue that should hold us together!

The original image is really big, so if anyone wants it, PM me and I'll be happy to send it to you!


#2266735 Céline Dion Live 2017 (tour) - Official Topic

Posted CelinesDIVO5 on 03 August 2017 - 09:10 AM

Omg. No words right now.Posted Image

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#2194351 Céline Dion: Summer Tour 2016 - Official Topic

Posted Celine Fan 77 on 21 June 2016 - 01:34 PM

Hey guys! I just came back from Antwerp and had the privilege of staying at the same hotel as Celine's entire crew (musicians, technicians and Véronique) and had the chance of meeting most of them in person.

These are the SURPRISING things that Scott Price (musical director) told me when I approached him to say congratulations for such an amazing concert:

· All the songs from the Summer tour were picked by Céline herself.

· The orchestra has been rehearsing the song 'Breakaway' for the Vegas show. (He didn't tell me exactly when and if it's actually gonna make it to the show).

· Most of the musicians would love to play 'Didn't Know Love' at the show.

· When I asked him about why Celine keeps singing mostly covers in English, he told me it's her own decision. They keep insisting her to add some of her more obscure English material to the shows, but she doesn't seem to be very interested on doing that at the moment.

· And here comes the big thing: If you have any suggestions (songs you'd love Celine to sing live for example), PLEASE post your requests on Celine's official forum. They read it and love to get feedback from the fans.

PD: I wasn't sure of where to post this, so mods, if you feel like this post is wrong here, please move it to a better thread. :flowers:

#2368706 "Courage" album - Official Topic

Posted stevo on 17 November 2019 - 03:29 AM

So my initial dramatic and scathing impressions of the album where I declared  myself heartbroken, majorly disappointed and suicidal have now changed...

I love it 🤭🥰 I think I was just in a terrible mood, had had a bad week, and it took me by surprise. So I’ve taken my time - and it’s now on repeat, and I now have all the feels, in learn off by heart mode and apologise profusely to Céline and team as this truly is a gift,  straight from her. Such a personal album as it’s clear it’s exactly the album she finally got to make, her way.

For me, right now Look At Us Now is my favourite. I love her deeps and attitude. But my Lord, we have been spoilt with this. No matter its chart positions, its sales, we have this wonderful album forever. Here’s to an Era of Courage.

#2368101 "Courage" album - Official Topic

Posted CelinesDIVO5 on 15 November 2019 - 01:16 PM

Now, for my review of last night’s album release party...

It was actually held at Lips, which is a drag queen dinner theater basically. I hang out here all the time, as some of my closest friends work here. I felt like I was welcoming Celine to my home, so that felt really cool.

Drinks were free and flowing, the crowd was nicely mixed in age. I was pleased with the amount of people my age and younger. Everyone was having a wonderful time, everyone was super nice. It was the perfect group to celebrate our girl with! I wish I had gotten to meet Scielle!

The night’s main focus (aside from Celine of course) was a Karaoke Contest, in which the prize was two tickets to the concert in NYC. They took the first 10 entrants, and I was lucky enough to get my name in there. I was there as my alter-ego, Saline Dijon. I got to sing “The Power of Love” which is my favorite Celine song to sing. I never get sick of it. There were a few great singers and a few who weren’t so great, but still got up there and brought such a high energy to the room, simply because they were having fun. I did not win the tickets, but they went to a gentleman very deserving after his rendition of “Courage.” It was gorgeous.

My friend was the hostess of the show, and she pulled me aside after the confidence and told me that Columbia Records gave her two tickets to the show, and she’s going to take me with her. Total surprise, and super generous.

Before they announced the winner, however...the moment we were all really waiting for came. Celine was in the house! She looked wonderful, and she was so excited to be there with all of us. It was midnight and the album had just dropped and she was so giddy. She talked for a couple of minutes and then she left the stage. One of the drag queens was actually supposed to come up and do a lip sync to FOMO after that, but at the very last second backstage, Celine said she couldn’t just leave and not sing for/with us. She asked to do “Flying On My Own” and the drag queen of course was like “girl, go do you!” So, Celine came back out. It was super spontaneous and fun. It was a fabulous bonus for an already wonderful night. She couldn’t really hear the music at first, but the crowd got her caught up. She was super interactive with the crowd, and it was apparent that she wanted to save her voice. That being said, I am thankful that she did anything at all. It was truly a magical evening.

I got to experience this momentous occasion with my boyfriend, my friend Matt and our very own forum member, Stone and his friend Ellen!! I’m so grateful to have people to share my love for Celine with, and thankful to Sony and Columbia Records for their generosity and for throwing such a perfect event to celebrate Celine and her COURAGE!!!

Posted ImagePosted Image

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#2249580 Céline Dion Live 2017 (tour) - Official Topic

Posted manu23 on 15 June 2017 - 03:56 PM

Complaints about setlist after what this woman just did, more than two hours of pure gold voice. I feel sorry for those who are never satisfied, really. All I have to say is long live the Queen!

#2169673 The René Angélil legacy

Posted stevo on 14 January 2016 - 05:06 PM

This may be a strange thing to say- but I love each and every one of you here on the forum.

My love. We have seen it all.

We are here for her and their story will go down as one of the real love stories. That is what her life is about. Her love for René. And we share it with her and for her. I hope she has the strength to get through this.

#2322639 Courage World Tour - EU shows postponed until 2023, parts EU shows postponed...

Posted tristan.josef on 04 February 2019 - 11:36 AM

View PostCSCfan, on 04 February 2019 - 03:45 AM, said:

Tristan is a known fan who's been around for a while... plus he's at LOT of venues around the world for his work.
If he's seen/heard something, he has seen/heard something. Of course with Céline, not everything turns out to be true, but he wouldn't lie about this..

Thanks for the support, buddy!  :)  (And others!)  Yes, of course this doesn't mean that everything is 100% definite and set in stone, but rather a really good indication of what's to come.  It's correct that I do work in the industry, and it's around this time that venues are booking space and dates for events for the next calendar year in advance.  It's also what we were expecting and guessing at, so I wasn't too surprised.  This was shared with me because they know what a fan I was.  Take it or leave it, but wanted to at least share with those of you who do care about something that is being discussed.  Now we wait for official confirmation!  (Although I imagine they might wait until the Vegas show closes or right before to make sure people buy all those tickets up first)

#2293961 "Ashes" - from Deadpool 2 - Official Topic

Posted celine19 on 23 May 2018 - 04:20 AM


I pimped the desktop of some computers in the store next to me. :innocent:

Another kind of promo and it looks much better :-D

#2161881 "Celine" The Revamped Show

Posted smw on 12 November 2015 - 10:34 PM

Just got home from Vegas so I thought I’d share my experience before I start forgetting details! This might be a tad long but hopefully you won't mind because I always love reading about other peoples' experiences. :)

I was sad to leave but now that I live in LA, thankfully I’m just a short drive away. :w00t:

Vegas is lovely this time of year. It’s chilly at night (which I LOVE!). The Bellagio water show was magical, as always.  I was able to see some great shows when I was in Vegas for the “Celine” première back in 2011. And, this time, I was able to see MYSTERE and KA in the same night. All the Cirque du Soleil shows I've seen are incredible! I hope to see O one day soon since that’s the show that inspired Celine to work with Franco Dragone.

Since people were claiming that Celine was feeling sick, I was totally prepared for the Tuesday and Wednesday shows to be cancelled. Celine canceling has happened to me before—back in March 2007. So I made a game plan to go see Britney and O if the shows got cancelled!

As we all know, the shows went on and they were FANTASTIC. Tuesday night, I had wonderful seats in the VIP Box of Front Orchestra 4. I purposefully got aisle seats for my partner and myself so that I would be near Celine when she walked by during IMMORTALITY. At first, I got worried because the VIP box is literally boxed in with a gold handrail. Luckily, it didn’t get in our way when Celine walked by—and we were easily able to step over it when the time came! My partner and I were able to get an awesome video with her doing this moment in the show and she was so beautiful and gracious. It was surreal to stand next to her and put my arm around her as she sang. I’ll never forget that moment!! My first actual interaction with Celine Dion. Amazing.

There is so much to love about this new show. The new visuals, overall, are stunning. The gowns all look even better in person than in pictures/videos. The show has a great energy to it. And most importantly, Celine’s tone is in top form!

That’s what got me so excited when I got to see Celine's Vegas premiere back in 2011. Her beautiful tone that, in my opinion, wasn’t as “pretty” during the TCWT and certainly not during A New Day… had returned.

Her voice still sounds rested and powerful.

Celine's attitude and energy were so great for both the Tuesday and Wednesday shows! She seems relaxed and really seems to just live in the moment. I remember when I went to see A NEW DAY… back in 2005 and 2006, she seemed, at times, a bit robotic. But I think not having to perform as frequently as she did back then is helping a lot.

I sometimes find it difficult to remain the moment when I’m at a Celine concert. I feel like I’ve got to record or take pictures or pay extra attention to every little detail or observe other audience members to make sure they’re enjoying it too – so the best moments of the show for me were when the show demanded my attention.

Highlights of the show for me:

I SURRENDER is such a wonderful opener. It's amazing to see audience members in awe of Celine. I love that she opens the show with one of her best power ballads and you can tell that some of the people who were dragged to the show actually got excited! It really feels special to be in the presence of Celine during this moment. It also didn't bother me that the opening video montage was so energetic and then it shifts to such a dramatic song. (For the record: I would love it if, down the road, the video montage is all of Celine again. Though, like I've said before, I think Celine has been drawing strength from her fans lately. So it makes a lot of sense for the fans to be integrated into the show -- not only in the opening video but also during IMMORTALITY.)  

The jazz segment of the show is SO stunning. The red curtain, Celine’s sexy dress and movements, and her velvety voice are just the best. It’s a different flavor entirely and reminds people that they are in the presence of an Icon just like Ella or Frank.

The entire IMMORTALITY section is really special. I was worried that it was going to be super awkward with all of us fans jumping up to snap photos with Celine. But Celine makes so many jokes about it that it’s really fun. Both nights, SO many fans bombarded her for pictures. And she was so gracious and really seems to enjoy it! If she didn’t enjoy it, I’m positive something would be done about to stop it. I hope some videos surface of some of the funny comments Celine makes about the crazy obsessed fans (like myself). It’s hilarious and, even if you’re not seated in that section, it seems like the entire audience thinks it’s pretty special that Celine takes the time to snap some photos and engage with her fans. This is one of those moments that really humanizes Celine. And this section of the show is probably quite different each night. So it doesn’t feel rehearsed or routine.

The second night, as a lot of you know, there was a guy with a Celine tattoo on his arm—and Celine loved it! Also, Celine actually gave the microphone to another lovely fan and she got to sing the end of IMMORTALITY for Celine as Celine watched from a seat in the audience! When that moment was done, it took a moment for Celine to get back into the show. It was cute. The fan's name is Maria, and Celine sang a few lines from "Maria" from West Side Story. She told the audience to go buy tickets for Maria's show! It was all very in the moment and refreshing. :)

INCREDIBLE didn’t bother me like I thought it would. I like the song. I really enjoyed the performances of it back in 2013. But I was not thrilled it was part of the set list. But Celine sounded great on it and it was fine. ;)

The audience was totally mesmerized by ALL BY MYSELF on both nights. It’s almost as thought they've forgotten for a minute that they’re in the presence of an Icon – then smoke fills the stage and she belts those notes and it lifts the entire night.

The whole last section of the show is just divine! It’s like Celine feels free at this point in the night to just have a blast. She seems to really LOVE performing the Prince songs. And she sounds absolutely stellar on PURPLE RAIN. It was mind blowing. There's a phenomenal vibe during this song. Everyone's in the moment.

The long dress for RIVER DEEP MOUNTAIN HIGH didn’t bother me at all! It’s just so different from what we’re used to seeing – I think the length just caught us off-guard. She was still able to move about the stage and she had a lot fun onstage! We still see those sexy legs when she moves!

I much prefer THE SHOW MUST GO ON now that it’s in the Vegas show as opposed to TCWT. It makes more sense that she would sing this song now. And she sounds incredible. Those belts are insane!!

Throughout the show and at the end, the audience on both nights gave standing ovations (of course) and she sang MY HEART WILL GO ON live both nights. I really tried to let that soak in. I’ve been fortunate to see Celine live several times in my life and I know that this song was pretty much always lipped. But it was so special to hear it live again -- considering James Horner. I love that they pay tribute to him in the show.

OVER THE RAINBOW just blows my mind. This is what I mean when I talk about Celine’s “tone”. She sounds absolutely stunning on this song. The tone is reminiscent to when she sings S’IL SUFFISAIT D’AIMER. It just captivates me and could make me weep. :mellow:  It just reminds me of the young girl who had a big dream and now she’s an Icon. It makes me think of her dream and Rene's dream and all that they've accomplished together. I absolutely adore that it ends the show and I hope the show always ends with a special song such like this one.

I hope the show continues to evolve. It seems like they could easily switch things out as time goes on. I would love to see Celine on more elevated platforms like during MY HEART WILL GO ON. She's a diva, after all!

There’s truly not a dull moment in the show. The acoustic set is lovely -- but I can see how some people wouldn't be as excited by this moment. I love those songs and appreciate the idea of making the show feel more "intimate" but perhaps this section can be spruced up down the road.

The show contains a great mix of songs that offers something to pretty much all audience members. Selfishly, I wish the show were longer and that there were more French songs! :-D :giggle:

Both nights I was there, the show seemed pretty much (if not entirely) sold out. You can find all sorts of great clips on Instagram!

On Tuesday, I waited outside for Celine’s car to pull out. I waited for HOURS. It was not the best idea. I had no clue it would take so long. From what I can tell, Celine will not be doing anything more than a friendly wave until the weather warms back up. So if it’s worth it to you to wait for a wave, then do it!

The Celine Boutique was fine. There’s a mix of merchandise in there—Rod Stewart, Elton, Mariah, Reba. It was mostly Celine and they had a few decent things. But it wasn’t super impressive. Nor was the program that great. I actually didn't even buy one! There weren't enough new pictures in there for me. Celine's store sure beat Britney’s store though! I walked over to Planet Hollywood to inspect things and it was not what I expected.

It was great to see so many Celine posters throughout Vegas! It’s certainly apparent that the QUEEN is back. Most of the folks who live and work in Vegas seem to really embrace her, however, I did have one taxi cab driver who didn’t speak very nicely about Rene’s gambling and Celine’s legendary status. He claimed all sorts of silly, untrue things about Celine and her career—and, at first, I felt the need to school him but I just let it go when I saw he wouldn’t back down. It just got on my nerves to think that some other fans might believe his false claims. Oh well! He also seemed a bit drunk... So that was lovely. ;)

I got the INCREDIBLE opportunity to meet Celine on Wednesday. An assistant took us down an elevator (beneath the theatre) and then walked us down a long hallway and finally took us to a very nice waiting room with fancy sofas and curtains. They split me/my partner and a few other fans into a groups and explained that Celine would be coming in shortly. They told us we could not ask for autographs or take our own pictures because Celine would be in a hurry. It was very organized and her assistants were very nice. They gave us water bottles and kept asking if we were comfortable.

I was able to talk to one of her assistants briefly. Some men who worked for Gucci were there and they were giving Celine some sort of gift (a sketch of a dress?). I wasn’t really sure. These two guys also had a lengthy conversation with Celine’s assistant about when she worked with Tommy Mottola. Celine's assistant claimed that Celine loved working with Tommy. The two Gucci guys apparently work with Tommy sometimes? It was weird.

I wasn’t able to get much insider information out of the assistants. I tried to ask what song she’d perform for the Sinatra tribute. But the assistant just said that she couldn't remember. She said she just read it on a sheet of paper but had forgotten. I'm sure she was just not wanting to leak the information! And then she went on to explain how much Celine loves Frank Sinatra and admires how he “sings every syllable”. I told her assistant that I wish there were more French songs in the show, and she was receptive to that.

The assistant also said that Celine was doing some interviews earlier that night which was why it was taking a while for Celine to come down.

Another fan mentioned waiting SO LONG for Celine to come out of the garage after the shows at night, and they explained that Celine’s work day begins when she arrives at the Colosseum. So they do some business after the shows. She also said that Celine loves to shop and that they do a lot of shopping after the shows.

At this point, it’s nearing show time. Some security guards come in and inspected us fans a bit. And then, finally, Celine’s entourage comes in.

They tell us that they’ll hold any of our personal belongings when we walk up to meet her. And they remind us that this is going to be fast. I was curious if she would be in her first costume, since it was pretty much 7:30 at this point.

My partner and I are the second group to get to meet Celine. So when she first enters, I just hear her. I of course feel weak in the knees because she’s just behind the curtain.

But then I just allow myself to enjoy the moment. When it’s our turn, it’s incredibly surreal. I walk up to her, and I can hardly comprehend what’s happening! She’s wearing a very pretty dark dress similar to one we’ve seen in other photos. I walk right up to her and introduce myself. It was pretty amazing to hear her say my name!

Then my partner introduces himself. She, of course, is very kind and gracious. I quickly remember how fast this is going to be – and there were so many things I wanted to ask her - so I just immediately say…

“I’m looking forward to the new French album!”
She puts her arm around my partner and me, pauses as we all smile for a few photos, then when the photos are done, she says…
“Well, thank you! But the album's not recorded yet. I’m working on it!” Maybe she meant it’s not completed yet? Who knows.
Then I say…
“I’m also looking forward to the Sinatra tribute that’s coming up soon.”
She jokes and says…
“Wow! You know more about what’s happening in my career than I do! So I’m not going to ask you any questions. I don’t want to know anymore!” It was funny. She was implying she didn’t want to know about all of the things she’s got lined up.

Then it was apparent that it was time for the next group to come in. So I reached my hands out to her, she took them, and I thanked her for everything. She was incredibly kind and warm and she thanked me too. She then took my partner’s hands and thanked him. He told her that we were both looking forward to the show and he said “toi toi toi!”. She said hugged us bye and said “Ciao!”

Michel Dion was there too and he’s actually the one who showed us the way to the hallway that lead us to the elevator that took us back to the lobby. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the photos that were taken!

This has certainly been an eventful week! I captured some great audio and video footage. I hope to share that soon!!  :)

#2114923 Rene steps down as manager, Aldo Giampaolo named Chief Executive Officer of F...

Posted Shaun on 11 June 2014 - 03:52 PM

Well I wasn't expecting this today but I have to say that I wish Rene and healthy, happy and long retirement.

He delivered on his promise to Celine.  He took her to the promised land and far far FAR beyond!  He made her the international superstar she is today, he has secured her legacy and longevity with the Vegas deal - so far ahead of its time - and he delivered on just about every measure a music manager should be measured.

Grammy's, Oscars, multi-platinum selling albums, a career in French and English, number 1 singles, radio airplay records, commercial endorsements, venues being built specifically for his artist - Rene made it all happen by signing the deals and risking his livelihood.  Though all of this he also kept Celine HAPPY which, when you look at the tragic circumstances some of her peers have found themselves in, may well be his biggest achievement.

Rene has been an outstanding success as Celine's manager and we should all be grateful that back when Celine was 12 years old he took that risk! He loves to gamble for sure and boy did it pay off bigtime!

#2362659 Courage World Tour - EU shows postponed until 2023, parts EU shows postponed...

Posted couldawouldashoulda on 25 October 2019 - 08:20 AM

I was at the Cincinnati show last night. I kept my eyes off of the forum so that I could be surprised by the setlist and know the exact running order of it - even though I’d seen opening night in Quebec so I knew half the songs. I wondered if there were be any added songs from the new album but, since it hasn’t even been released yet, I knew that was a long shot. (I’ll be seeing her in NYC where I live and will be curious to see if they add another songs and some of the songs in the set list feel like place-fillers until the album is out.) My best friend lives in Cincinnati and she’s not a die hard fan. She enjoys Celine well enough but is definitely a casual fan (doesn’t own any of her CD’s as far as know - maybe All The Way)

IACBTMN - just as in Quebec, it’s a fantastic opener. The opening line as she comes out of the trapdoor gives me goosebumps. Just like with her 2017/2018 tour, Vegas since IS was added, and IDAN in the TCWT, Celine clearly likes to open with a song that she lips. I think she’s just as nervous as any other performer who goes out on stage and lipping the first number helps her get used to the crowd and the stage and have an opening number that slays. My casual fan friend said that’s her favorite song of hers and thought it was an awesome choice to start the concert - it made it a “big” opening.

TTWII/IA - I was surprised to have these two together just like the 2018 tour/Vegas but they work great together. They’re two of her well-known uptempo songs and the audience around were on their feet clapping and singing along. (I was fourth row on the floor - we all pretty much stood the entire show.)

IYAMT - My casual friend immediately exclaimed “Wow! That’s an oldie.” Love that Celine lowered the key so she could sing it live - it didn’t sound weird at all being lowered. It sounded like IYAMT and it was a fun throw back to my/our college years.

TPOL - Crowd favorite - everyone went bonkers. It’s in a good spot in the show

LCMM - this feels like a place holder to me. When the new album is out, I expect this song to be gone and be replaced with an uptempo from Courage. Especially since they kept it shortened. However, when I said as much to my causal friend on our way home, she said “Well, I’m certainly glad she did it tonight. That’s always been one of my favorite songs of hers. I would’ve missed it if it wasn’t there.”

BATB - a classic. She slays it. It’s heartwarming and brings us all back in time. The casual fan doesn’t enjoy it though and could’ve done without.

TP - same thing with The Prayer. Casual fan never really liked that song. It’s another one I see as a place holder until Courage is out and I expect it to be replaced with a new song.

YTV - it’s a great, fun, uptempo song. I’ll love it. I love the sing along portion with it. Celine clearly loves singing it. It’s a highlight of the show for me and I hope it sticks around for the entire tour. It’s also the closest Celine has gotten to singing any “political” song and I say bravo for her to singing a song about guns and gun violence in America at this time. I actually think that takes “courage.”

Courage - is amazing live. The causal fan with me thought it was a beautiful song and said she was absolutely floored by it. (She’s recently lost her father so I imagine it hit her hard in all the feels.) I love that song - it’s probably my favorite of the 4 tracks we have. It’s so personal for Celine and listening to it is just heart-breaking and incredibly moving.

TYLM - one of my most favorite Celine songs. Everyone around me was singing along to it. If I didn’t know she was lipping it, I would’ve never suspected it last night. It appeared to be totally live and she slays it. That being said, this is something else that I hope is a place holder and will be replaced with a new song from Courage.

ABM - It’s got to be in the set list. Everyone around me ate it up including my casual fan friend.

LD - I loved it. Casual fan said she had a difficult time understanding the lyrics. I agree - I had to look up the lyrics online to figure out what she was singing in the verses.

TLB - I can’t believe she had the courage to keep this as part of the English set list tour. It absolutely slays. People around me were really into it. My causal fan friend thought her vocals were insane and the entire band rocked during that number. Definitely a highlight for her.

BYLM - Right before this started, I had literally thought to myself “Jesus, what on Earth does she have left to sing at this point?” And that started and I went “Oh my God of course!” Casual fan friend loved it as it’s one of Celine’s biggest and well-known hits.

The Medley - sorry haters, but it works and it works WELL. Most of the audience as my age (47) older. So we’re all around Celine’s age and we all grew up with Let’s Dance, Another One Bites The Dust, Lady Marmelade, etc. Every one was dancing, singing along - it was totally like we were all at a party at that point. Casual friend said it just went prove to Celine can sing anything and mentioned how much she LOVES River Deep, Mountain High. She said “I mean, I love the song when Tina sings it but Celine just take it to a whole new level. It’s amazing. I could listen to her sing that all night.”

MHWGO - The drones truly are stunning. Casual fan friend is a techie in the theater world and she was blown away during the number constantly vocalizing “Oh wow” and “How freaking cool is that?”

Imagine - a perfect ending. Another bit of a political statement from Celine. Casual fan friend thought it was a perfect way to leave the night and thought Celine slayed the song - she became very emotional.

All in all, this is a fantastic tour. As others have said watching it on YouTube videos in no way lets you know what the show is like. Live - this tour is a killer and I predict she’s going to continue to get rave reviews across the country as it goes on.

See ya in February, Celine!

#2171867 The René Angélil legacy

Posted JP on 21 January 2016 - 10:12 PM

View PostKoolan, on 21 January 2016 - 07:33 PM, said:

JP was the last forum member I saw.

View PostDel, on 21 January 2016 - 07:35 PM, said:

It was JP that I saw.  Good to see him there paying his respects.  He did us proud.

It's so nice to see that you haven't forgot about me after all these years.
It was so hard to see her like that. She's suffering from much. But at the same time, I really felt she needed every single words from everybody. We always say how much she love her fans, but tonight was beyond anything I ever felt. I told her: You offered us the greatest and most beautiful love story. We'll never forget about your husband. I am here today because for me, you and you're family are also my family (She started crying there...) I also told her to take really care of herself. And that I love her. She had one arm on me and the other one in the casket. It was just so hard to live this moment.

I have been invited by my boss, who's a famous interviewer here in Montreal to assist the funerals tomorrow.

I'll make you proud again.

#2353617 Courage World Tour - EU shows postponed until 2023, parts EU shows postponed...

Posted Tyler1991 on 18 September 2019 - 11:49 PM


Quit y'all bitching.

So this happened. Celine was so gracious tonight after the show. She stopped the car for about 15 minutes and signed and took pictures for about everyone.

She told me she likes my sweatshirt. I said that i love her and traveled all the way from Indiana and i loved it. She said thankyou for coming. It wasn't my best photo but hey she looked fantastic and I'm not complaining.
I wanted to make a joke about being the same age as LCMM which got dropped for first time in my life,  but figured that small bit may be enough to revive it and people wouldn't be happy with me lol.

The show

First, i love that this for me was an unspoiled setlist. Ive now seen six setlists. All six were within the first three shows for each "setlist"..." closest i ever came to being unspoiled before was in bordeaux where i only knew the first two songs. Didn't even know that here. Tonight i was unaware of anything and i am glad i came just for that.

The visuals in person do definitely add some perception to the performances. I
wouldn't say its the best I've seen at any show (in general), but for celine the visuals were a step up from anything relating to her previous shows.

Whether it was celine appearing in front of a backdrop to add to the song (like EUS) or the multiple interludes, overall visuals were good.
I am glad the interludes were done like this rather than giving barnev a song.

iacbtmn was an interesting choice to open with. The unison tease to start had me more excited than iacbtmn!!

In recent years quebec shows seen 80% french which was great. I think the english headlining tour caused a slight conflict on not knowing the best balance of english vs french, but i think this was a good balance.
Everyone complaining needs to remember the setlist will change several songs come cleveland. Hopefully by time the rest of the predictables are placed there is still room for a classic longly untouched gem or two.

Highlights: a vous, regarde moi, tous les blues sont ecrits pour toi, the interludes, and the new covers.
Lowlights- you're the voice and kiss. No "opportunity" to sometimes let fans sing mhwgo ending.. *cough* please go back to live on this ending.

Also, i just want to say I've thought many times about what it would sound like for celine to sing another one bites the dust. I am happy it sounded as great as i anticipated.

So my trip here is very short and i head home tomorrow. Very glad i came. It was nice to talk to several of you after the show too!

Also i got several videos of full songs but connection here is too slow to upload tonight. Will be tomorrow.

#2264415 Céline Dion Live 2017 (tour) - Official Topic

Posted stevo on 27 July 2017 - 06:05 AM

I SOMETIMES HATE THIS FORUM SO MUCH. All you complaining about Céline spending time with Pepe need to grow up and get a life. SHE CAN SEE AND SPEND TIME WITH WHOEVER SHE WANTS, DRINK WHAT SHE WANTS, STAY OUT AS FRIGGING LATE AS SHE WANTS AND DOES NOT NEED YOUR APPROVAL AND CERTAINLY DOES NOT NEED TO ANSWER A LETTER ASKING 'WHAT IS UP'? She has been disciplined her entire life and deserves every moment of happiness and owes none of you leeches anything.

This topic is about the shows. Get a grip. You're so embarrassing.

#2215068 Celine (Las Vegas show) [ends: June 8th, 2019] - Official topic

Posted MrTim212 on 07 October 2016 - 12:37 PM


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#2104105 Loved Me Back To Life - Worldwide Charts/Sales Topic

Posted Shaun on 09 March 2014 - 12:37 PM

On this weeks Official UK Album Chart "Loved Me Back To Life" moves up from #75 to #38.

:clap: :w00t: :clap:

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